Who We Are

FUNDSLINK is a Spanish company formed by a team of professionals with an average of more than twenty-five years of experience in the distribution of financial products, capital markets, wholesale banking, and the management and implementation of technological projects and processes, in addition to a long history in environments with strong regulatory demands.

We have worked for companies such as BME, MEFF, Openbank, Merrill Lynch, Telefónica, Accenture, Banco Santander and Abbey National among others.

We create the society to devise and promote innovative and differential projects that optimize processes and the use of advanced information technologies, with the aim of helping professionals in the financial sector improve the distribution capacity of their products and customer loyalty. , so that they represent progress both in your revenue perspective and in the quality of your processes.

We like to make the complex simple and make life easier for people.

We strengthen the position of investors by disintermediating the traditional value chain

Fundlink Group

FUNDSLINK Fintech Solutions, S.L. is a company in the ICT sector, founded in October 2015. It is dedicated to consulting, developing and marketing software for Investment Services Companies (ESIs) and financial entities; to activities of the holding companies and headquarters; research and experimental development in technical sciences, and business support activities and services (BPO).

In September 2017, FUNDSLINK Capital A.V., S.A. was established. (Securities Agency supervised by the CNMV and registered in its records with number 276) owned 100% by the parent company.


Development and commercialization of software for Investment Services Companies (ESIs).

Through the subsidiary, it markets a distribution channel (Marketplace), which connects investors with Independent Management Entities and is aimed at direct marketing and through neobanks and other types of distributors.

Value Proposal

FUNDSLINK reinforces the position of investors by disintermediating the traditional value chain, enabling the digital contracting of financial products from the client’s bank account and without the need to open additional bank accounts, through a payment gateway that allows a direct connection between the client’s account and the fund managers, their depositories, or that of the distributor, through a highly efficient process, with better information, agile and cheap.

The innovative FUNDSLINK (FLASS) platform additionally allows the integral management (front to back) of the distribution processes for ESIs, being able to add the latest generation tools such as artificial intelligence or chatbots.

We create ecosystems of financial services

Improve the customer experience and your admin users

Digital technological solutions for the efficient marketing and distribution of investment products.

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